Skylands Map for Minecraft 1.7.5

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For those Minecraft players who love living way above the world below, Skylands map could be the perfect custom map to suit their needs. With several different biomes like mountains, deserts, forests and more all suspended about 200 blocks above the Earth, there is no shortage of resources or enemies to slay once the sun goes down. This is in stark contrast to the highly popular Skyblock series of maps, which drop players on a tiny plot of land with barely anything and no real hope of getting anything, either. Skylands features dungeons, which many floating maps do not, along with many unique treasures to find.





Any intrepid explorers out there will be happy to know Skylands offers several hours of fun, fast and new gameplay. Like other maps created by people, Skylands isn’t randomly generated; everything seems to fit where it has been placed and there are no chunk errors with giant holes going down to the bedrock. Be watchful of taking any headers off the edge of an island and always be wary of any gravel or sand piles found. Remember that gravel and sand might look safe, but it will fall if it is able after the player interacts with it in any way, like breaking blocks or placing a block nearby.

Skylands Map Rules

  • Only place Monument Blocks you get from dungeons or trades inside the Monument Room
  • Only enter dungeons through the roof entrance
  • You can only destroy the blocks you have placed when inside a dungeon
  • Only use the portals provided
  • Do not break any items frames you have not placed
  • Do not break any blocks inside the Monument Room or the Rules Room
  • Do not break any Spawn Room iron doors.

How to install Skylands Map?

  1. Download the map.
  2. In the start menu of your computer, type in %appdata%
  3. Navigate to AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > saves
  4. Open the folder you saved the download to and find, Skylands v2.01.rar (or Skylands depending on which you downloaded).
  5. Now, using an unzipping tool, extract the .zip or .rar file and turn it into a normal folder.
  6. Open Skylands v2.01 folder, which contains the save and a reference map, and drag the ‘Skylands v2.01′ save into the ‘saves’ folder.
  7. Open minecraft and play ‘Skylands v2.01′.

Download Skylands Map for Minecraft 1.7.5

Review overview
Originality - 10
Creativity - 10
Design - 10
Fun - 10
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